Patient Safety

Medical History

In today’s world of advancing medical and dental technology there are many patients who need dental treatment that suffer from various medical conditions, have had surgery or who use medications that may interact with drugs or materials used by the dentist. This is why at Dental Excellence* we are careful to ensure that every patient updates their medical history each time they present for a course of treatment. You can help us to be a better dental practice by providing complete and accurate personal details.

Emergency Equipment and First Aid

For the safety of all our patients, all our staff are trained in first aid and have regular resuscitation training to a minimum of NZRC level 4. Our dentists are also trained in intubation. We also have an up-to-date emergency kit and oxygen, as well as a state-of-the-art vital signs monitor to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and and oxygen levels. This device is routinely used during conscious sedation procedures. We are also equipped with an AED (automated external defibrillator) – an essential piece of potentially lifesaving technology.

Well Trained Staff

Even with the best equipment and materials, the protection of patients and staff from cross infection is compromised if the equipment and cleaning products are used incorrectly. Our clinical staff are all well trained in cross infection control – the correct way to maintain a ‘sterile chain’. We also regularly liaise with representatives from the companies that supply our sterilisation and disinfection products to keep up-to-date with the latest products and their proper use.

Disposable Items

Where practical, disposable equipment items are used. Nothing intended for single use is ever re-used. Most noticeable will be the use of gloves, masks, plasticrinsing cups and paper hand towels.

Instrument Cleaning FOLLOWED BY Sterilisation


All our non-fragile instruments are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath prior to steam sterilisation via autoclaving. Fragile instruments are hand cleaned using manufacturer approved methods.


All instruments are steam autoclaved. This includes all surgical instruments, hand instruments and handpieces. At
Dental Excellence* we use a SciScan Statim 2000 high speed cassette autoclave for our handpieces and a larger chamber hospital grade Mocom B Futura 17 autoclave for our instrument trays and surgical instruments.


Instruments that will not be used immediately are sterilised in ‘steri-pouches’ to keep them sterile until they are needed.

Validation and monitoring

On a daily basis we perform mandatory testing of all our sterilisation equipment. After this each completed sterilisation cycle is inspected, to ensure any colourBiotest change indicator test strips have undergone the correct colour change, to make sure they are functioning correctly. All test results are kept in a logbook along¬†with records of our service technician’s annual validation service report.

Surgery Surfaces and Dental Units

After each patient all surfaces (counter tops, dental chair, light handles, etc.) are disinfected with a chemical solution especially formulated to kill bacteria, spores and viruses.

Cross-Infection Control Costs

All the above measures involve a significant cost. This cost is built into our fee structure. You will not be charged anything additional for maintaining a level of cross-infection control that exceeds the acknowledged professional ‘standard of care’.

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