Intravenous sedation involves the administration of carefully calculated amounts of drug(s), given intravenously, so that you feel:

  • Pleasantly relaxed
  • A little drowsy
  • A little detached from your surroundings
  • Time passes very quickly – hours feel like minutes
  • After the procedure, you have very little (if any) memory of events.

Sedation is always supplemented by local anaesthetic, so that you will not only not remember, but you won’t feel anything during your procedure. Both are very important!

We always take a very careful medical history for all patients – especially those having intravenous sedation. Please understand that our questions are not intended to be an intrusion into your private affairs, but rather are essential for medical safety.

Sedation patients are carefully monitored throughout their appointment for

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse rate
  • Oximetry (how well your blood is being oxygenated when you breathe)

Please refer to our definitive wisdom tooth FAQ page.

Dr Neil Piccione is certified to provide intravenous sedation. Usually this is for minor oral surgical procedures (most commonly the removal of wisdom teeth or badly broken down teeth). When such procedures are necessary, sedation is particularly helpful – especially for patients who don’t have health insurance and can’t afford specialist anaesthetist and oral/maxillofacial surgeon fees.

We take our responsibilities for your safe care very seriously and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your treatment here.

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